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Your Body Can Be Trained to Fight Cancer

image-body-fights-cancerWe all have cancer inside us; it’s just a question of how much. When the number of cells gets to a certain point, the cancer can be felt or measured or seen on a scan, and this is the time when alternative medicine cancer treatments should be considered.

Think of the immune system as a bunch of soldiers. A new enemy appears on the horizon – say a flu virus that wasn’t there yesterday. The commanding general yells, “Charge!” and millions of white blood cells go on the attack.

But since cancer cells have been around usually for years, the immune system’s general says, “Oh heck, just you guys again, we’ve seen you before, no big deal.” And no big response from the army.

In medical parlance, the adoptive part of the immune system is out of balance. The B-cell side is over active, and the T-cell side is under active in most cancer patients.

Using standard chemo and radiation is similar to the consultant coming into a company to orchestrate a turnaround. When the consultant leaves, people have been fired, but the original management team that created the problem is still on the job. They haven’t had time to re-train staff, develop and institute different polices.

Homeopathic physicians using insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) cancer treatments however, are concerned with what happens after tests show the cancer is gone. Insulin potentiation therapy is a holistic cancer treatment that uses insulin to open the cells so they absorb the drugs. In this way, about one-tenth the amount of chemo is needed to get the job done. IPT does not flood the body with large quantities of harsh drugs.

IPT practitioners recognize that at the end of the treatment, the cancer is not gone, it’s justnot detectable. And now the body is on its own. The immune system needs to be rebalanced and retrained to see the cancer cells as foreign and attack them.

First, you reduce the over-active B side and strengthen the under-active T side. IPT itself will help to restrain the over-active B cells side of the system. Then there are many different kinds of T-cell modifiers that can be given by injection or as supplements.

Mistletoe for example is a homeopathic preparation that can be used to strengthen the innate side of the immune system. Mushroom and thymus extracts can be given to boost anti-tumor immunity.

It is important that those who have had cancer remove any foreign body elements that suppress the immune system – root canals, infected tonsils, and mercury fillings to name a few. IPT physicians will consider chelation for example to remove heavy metals that build up in all of us over the years.

A healthy terrain and a strong immune system are the best defense against the return of cancer.

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