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Low Dose Chemotherapy (IPT) is a Better Cancer Treatment Alternative

Cancer cells have an Achilles heel: sugar. Cancer cells gobble sugar for their energy supply, whereas most other cells use fat for their energy supply. This difference is the key to IPT, or insulin potentiation therapy.

An IPT patient relaxes in a lounge chair with an IV. Insulin is given in the IV to make the patient’s blood sugar level drop. As the blood sugar drops, healthy cells shift over to fat metabolism, but the cancer cells become seriously compromised. Cancer cells rely almost entirely on sugar metabolism, so they go into an emergency mode and open all of their membranes in an effort to get sugar. They are now very vulnerable.

After about 30 minutes of insulin, the doors to the cancer cells are wide open. The next thing that comes down the patient’s IV tube is a small amount of chemo drugs. Because the cancer cells are wide open, they take in almost all of the chemo.

In this way, cancer can be treated with about one-tenth the normal amount of chemo drugs (hence the name “low dose chemotherapy”). And there is little of the chemo left over to cause a toxic reaction within the healthy cells of the body. Patients who choose IPT have far fewer side effects like hair loss and nausea, and their immune system doesn’t take a beating.

The word “potentiate” means that one substance – insulin – enhances the effectiveness of another substance – chemotherapy – and thus far less chemo is needed. IPT works with a pulse of hypoglycemia, which profoundly changes the functioning of the cells and greatly improves the efficacy of the medicine.

In standard chemotherapy, insulin is not used to open up the cells. Patients must be given a big dose of chemo drugs so that enough will be absorbed by the cells to do the job. The majority of the chemo is not taken up by the cancer cells, and does damage to the rest of the body. This is one reason why traditional chemo causes so many side effects.

IPT increases penetration of the chemo into areas of the body difficult to penetrate such as the central nervous system, the joints, and solid tumors. It has been reported that insulin increases the toxicity of methotrexate, a common chemo drug, by a factor of 10,000 in breast cancer cells in vitro.

IPT is a gentler, safer, more natural cancer treatment alternative, especially when it is combined with an individualized program of detoxification and immune system support.

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