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BOTOX® without Botulism

BOTOX®, the popular wrinkle plumper-upper, turned out not to be as safe as advertised. Researchers discovered earlier this year that the botulinum toxin can travel from the injection site into the brain in lab animals.

“It should not have come as a big surprise,” says Beata George of the Eco-MediSpa in Scottsdale, Arizona.”BOTOX preclinical testing showed some evidence the toxin slipped into the human bloodstream and the lymph system. And there were those nasty adverse effects – people who got BOTOX to erase their wrinkles sometimes ended up with eye spasms, paralysis, and difficulty swallowing.”

BOTOX and the similar product Myobloc® carry labels warning of possible adverse reactions near the injection site such as drooping eyelids, and of severe difficulty swallowing in patients with neuromuscular disorders. Russell Katz of the FDA said last April that people getting BOTOX for cosmetic reasons should “be aware that there’s the potential for” the neurotoxin to spread.

“There is a safe BOTOX alternative for Scottsdale, Arizona women and men called No-Tox,” adds Ms. George. “It uses homeopathic formulations instead of a neurotoxin. Whereas BOTOX has a short term effect of ‘muscle-freezing’ to disable the skin from creasing, homeopathic formulations work to stimulate your own collagen production.”

Collagen constitutes the connective tissue that holds our bodies together in strong fibers, stronger than steel wire of the same weight. Collagen forms the elaborate matrix called elastin that gives our body form and supports our organs. Elastin keeps skin firm and gives it that flexible, youthful appearance.

The homeopathic No-Tox preparation makes use of both collagen and elastin, just as Mother Nature does. The formulations are made by the Italian company, Guna. They are prescription only, and must be administered under medical supervision. They can be injected into wrinkles and lines. Or better yet, certified technicians can use a mild charge, a micro current, to penetrate to the skin and stimulate a wider area.

The Guna formulations are not merely fillers. They stimulate the metabolism of the connective tissue. So unlike BOTOX, they produce a cumulative effect over time.

Beata George currently practices at Eco-MediSpa in Scottsdale, Arizona. She ran a highly successful spa in Canada before moving to the United States. She has a diploma in Bio-Energy Therapy, is an esthetician, an Internationally Certified Aromatherapist since 2000, and a registered Polarity Therapist since 2001. Her natural spa treatments are available at Eco-MediSpa. Contact her by calling (602) 404-0400.

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