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Arizona Cancer Center Launches Site to Highlight Alternative Treatments

People seeking a cancer treatment alternative have an expanded Web resource to help them make wise choices. The EuroMed Foundation has updated their Web site to help patients understand cutting-edge alternative treatment options.

Scottsdale, Arizona (May 2009) – The EuroMed Foundation has launched an expanded Web site to help inform people about alternative therapies to treat a wide variety of cancers. Dr. Frank George, the center’s Medical Director, made it his mission to alert cancer patients about the damaging effects of traditional chemotherapy and educate them about the latest options for a safer, more effective cancer treatment alternative. By visiting the site, cancer patients can become familiar with the benefits of the customizable treatments available at the EuroMed Foundation, and find several resources to help connect them with proven alternative treatments.

“Unfortunately, many cancer patients today are receiving ‘one size fits all’ chemotherapy that may not be appropriate to treat their needs,” explained Dr. George. “We decided to revamp our existing site because we wanted to provide more thorough, accessible information about the innovative therapies we offer. The goal is to help patients searching for an Arizona cancer center to develop a clear and accurate idea of their options and make wise choices to help them in their fight against the disease.”

The new site offers detailed information on a number of holistic treatment modalities that the center uses, with a particular focus on Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). This revolutionary approach to chemotherapy relies on the fact that cancer cells take up much more sugar than normal cells. With the use of insulin, cancer cells become much more sensitive to chemo drugs, thus allowing for very low dosing. The result is that the chemotherapy solution is naturally targeted to where it will be the most effective. Dr. George was the fourth doctor worldwide to become a certified IPT instructor.

Because traditional chemotherapy significantly weakens the body, increasing numbers of cancer patients are searching for alternative approaches that will target cancer cells more accurately. In order to help patients understand their options, the EuroMed Foundation planned their site redesign to include extensive information on the doctors’ credentials and holistic treatment philosophy. They also included detailed pages on the George Protocol, a specialized cancer treatment alternative integrating IPT and other approaches to eliminate cancerous cells while simultaneously strengthening the immune system.

“At the EuroMed Foundation, we are focused on curing and suppressing several forms of cancer using what we have found to be the most effective treatment options,” explained Dr. George. “I have worked with several patients who had previously received traditional chemotherapy treatments that were both strenuous and unsuccessful. Our site explains how we have designed our approaches to make this process much more effective and less damaging to the patient’s health. Our aim is to help patients conquer cancer and create a healthy environment for controlling it in the future.”

The new site offers a number of ways for patients to learn more about their options, from an interactive online form allowing them to request a free personal orientation at the Foundation’s Arizona cancer center, to search and bookmarking functions that allow them immediate access to the pages with information most relevant to their concerns.

“My goal is to successfully eliminate cancer for my patients and keep it from returning,” added Dr. George. “In order to do that, I want patients to feel like they have the information they need to point them toward finding the cancer treatment alternative that helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long term.”

Dr. George and the entire medical team at the EuroMed Foundation developed cancer treatment alternatives for patients who have not had success with traditional treatment modalities. For more information, contact the EuroMed Foundation at (602) 404-0400, or request a personal orientation.

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