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A Safe Cancer Treatment Alternative – Insulin Potentiation Therapy

In standard chemotherapy, the drugs do not target cancer cells. The body is bombarded with large doses of drugs so enough can be absorbed by the cancer cells to do the job. Healthy cells are likewise bombarded and damaged. The immune system takes a beating. Patients experience many unpleasant side effects – nausea, hair loss, and liver damage.

Can you target chemotherapy to the cancer cells and bypass healthy cells? Yes. That is the principal behind IPT – insulin potentiation therapy, a safe yet aggressive cancer treatment.

Cancer cells are different from healthy cells in that they need a lot of sugar to operate, perhaps 10 times as much as other cells. Insulin, the same natural hormone you hear about in diabetes, shuttles sugar through the cell membrane into the cell itself. Insulin is the key that unlocks the door to the cells. Cancer cells necessarily have many more “doors” for insulin than healthy cells so they can feed their desperate need for sugar.

With IPT, a cancer treatment alternative, a doctor administers insulin first, to open the doors to the cancer cells. Then a small amount of chemotherapy is added and the cancer cells take it in along with the sugar.

The insulin shuttles the chemotherapy drugs into the cancer cells, building up lethally toxic concentrations, eventually killing them. Normal cells much, much less affected.

PET scans use the same principal to find cancer by looking at the sugar uptake. The radioactive agent is mixed with sugar water and, because cancer cells take up much more sugar than normal cells, the radioactive agent congregates in the cancer cells. The resulting picture will indicate enhanced uptake and a mass where the cancer is.

The word “potentiate” means that one substance – insulin – enhances the effectiveness of another substance – chemotherapy. Insulin potentiation treatment for cancer needs only about one-tenth the amount of drugs used in standard chemotherapy. That is why IPT patients have far fewer side effects.

Insulin potentiation therapy increases penetration of the chemotherapy into areas of the body difficult to penetrate such as the central nervous system, the joints, and solid tumors. It has been reported that insulin increases the toxicity of methotrexate, a common chemo drug, by a factor of 10,000 in breast cancer cells in vitro.

IPT also helps detoxify. When cell doors are open, things go in – and out. While IPT kills cancer cells, it flushes toxins into circulation, enabling them to leave the body. A skilled doctor will supplement the IPT process with homeopathic remedies and natural therapies to protect the liver and nourish healthy cells.

Patients choose IPT as the primary weapon to stop the immediate danger by stopping the growth of cancer quickly. Other complementary therapies become the primary weapons to create a cancer-hostile terrain in the body for the future and retrain your body to fight cancer on its own.

The treatment need not be worse than the disease. IPT patients have much more energy, much better quality of life, and much higher expectations for their future.

The EuroMed Foundation is an Arizona cancer center located at 34975 North Valley Parkway, Building 6, Suite 138, Phoenix, Arizona 85086. To learn more about cancer treatment alternatives, please call 602-404-0400 or send us an email.

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