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Some of our patients wish to share their experiences with you about undergoing our new holistic cancer treatments. We express our heartfelt thanks for their courage and their willingness to “tell it like it is” in an effort to help others beginning the healing journey. To watch a video testimonial, click on the link next to the viewer. To read a patient’s message to you, click on their picture or the link.

Video Testimonials

Cindy’s Story: Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer Using IPT

patient-cindy-tn“Had I known about IPT before, I never would have had surgery. But at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. Just because you cut out a cancerous spot doesn’t mean it’s gone. I’ve learned cancer is systemic. It’s in your body. It’s like anger and once you cut it, it can get even angrier.”

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Gary’s Story: IPT as an Alternative Cancer Treatment for Lymphoma

“Since I’d already had a message from my unconscious, I wanted to send it a return message, basically saying, ‘I plan on sticking around for a long time to come. So I’m committing myself to a long-term learning program, one that will bring me joy. I just wanted you to know that.'”

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Jerry’s Story: Lung Cancer Alternative Treatment Options

patient-jerry-tn“I had to do what I had to do when I had to do it. I am still dealing with cancer, but because the tests show its at an undetectable level, I feel I have a little more leeway. I am not going to eat just fish and lettuce for the rest of my life. I’ve given up pancakes and waffles. I am today feeling better than I have since before the lung surgery. I can play golf again. I just need more muscle strength to hit the ball harder.”

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