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Our E-Book: A Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments

A cancer diagnosis is always unexpected and overwhelming, but it's important to understand all of the innovative treatment options available. Over the years, the team at EuroMed Foundation has created a variety of helpful resources for cancer patients, their families, and individuals who are interested in alternatives to chemotherapy and other conventional cancer treatments. In an effort to make this information easily accessible both in the United States and internationally, EuroMed has created a comprehensive resource: a free, downloadable e-book called A Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments.

About EuroMed Foundation

EuroMed's mission is to safely and effectively treat cancer while supporting the immune system. Patients are evaluated by a panel of some of the world’s leading authorities in alternative medicine.

The e-book begins with an overview of the EuroMed Foundation, including an introduction to our facility and medical team. It also describes what to expect during your free personal orientation.

Our Holistic Cancer Treatment Protocol

EuroMed's alternative approach to cancer treatment integrates a range of holistic treatment options. You'll learn how to boost the immune systems during cancer treatment and gain a better understanding of the downside of traditional treatments.

An entire chapter is dedicated to the foundation of the EuroMed protocol: a treatment called IPT, or Insulin Potentiation Therapy. IPT attacks cancer while boosting the immune system by focusing on only cancer cells.

Additional Cancer Treatment Resources

Other helpful resources in the e-book:

  • Information about alternative treatments for breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer
  • Strategies for preventing cancer through diet and lifestyle choices
  • Analysis of recent research findings
  • A glossary of related terminology
eBook - 74 page Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments

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To learn more about EuroMed Foundation, request a free personal orientation or call the Arizona cancer center at (602) 404-0400 to schedule your orientation.

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