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Breast Cancer: A EuroMed Patient’s Story

At EuroMed, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers we treat. However, the condition is complex. Often, a number of genetic and lifestyle factors are involved, making it imperative that each case is treated with a customized protocol. Often, this includes insulin potentiation therapy, sometimes called IPT, a cancer treatment pioneered by EuroMed. This patient is just one of…

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A EuroMed Patient Tells Her Story

After Ellen endured 2 rounds of traditional chemotherapy, her ovarian cancer returned. When her doctor said he didn’t have a treatment plan, Ellen started researching alternative cancer treatments and learned about Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) at the EuroMed Foundation. Ellen joined hundreds of others who’ve benefitted from IPT at our Arizona clinic. IPT is a low-dose form of chemotherapy that,…

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How Holistic Cancer Treatment Enhances Your Recovery

“The George Protocol incorporates a belief in the holistic nature of the human body and a deep respect for the body’s ability to heal itself when given proper tools.” That statement represents one of the fundamental elements of our approach here at the EuroMed Foundation. We believe that focusing solely on killing cancer cells without regard for the rest of…

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Integrative Care Bridging Alternative & Traditional Treatment Gap

Alternative cancer treatments such as insulin potentiation therapy are gaining more followers, even among medical professionals, as patients push for more control over their cancer treatment. The movement to integrate alternative medicine with complementary therapies has been resisted by traditional medical practitioners in the past, but it is now being seen in a more positive light. At EuroMed Foundation, we…

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Using IPT: Sugar Beats Cancer

The link between sugar and cancer is now pretty well-established, although still misunderstood. “Sugar feeds cancer” is a popular saying, but at EuroMed Foundation that phrase is turned on its head through insulin potentiation therapy. With IPT, sugar beats cancer by transporting small doses of cancer-fighting drugs into diseased cells. IPT has been used for decades. The concept is rather…

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Top 3 Questions on Insulin Potentiation Therapy

by Helen Watt I think it’s easiest to explain how insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) works by starting with a definition of the word “potentiate.” It means that one substance — in this case insulin — enhances the effectiveness of another substance. By treating cancer with IPT, insulin boosts the ability of the drugs used in chemotherapy to kill cancer cells,…

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