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Spice Up Your Life While Fighting Cancer

As more and more people around us are getting diagnosed with cancer, people often feel helpless. However, in our Arizona cancer center, we stress that diet plays a significant role in cancer prevention and treatment. Our alternative cancer therapies address the fact that the body cannot heal if it does not get the nutritional elements it needs. Some of the…

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The Role of Psychosomatic Energetic Therapy in Cancer Treatment

Psychosomatic energetic therapy is based on the concept that overall health is a harmonious interaction between the body, the mind, and our life energy. Each part is dependent on the others to be a truly whole organism. These parts have a symbiotic relationship, so if one part is unwell, it can affect the others. Because of this idea, psychosomatic energetics…

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A Trip to EuroMed: What to Expect at Your Appointment

We understand that anxiety is common for patients making a trip to our Arizona cancer center, and that’s why we do all we can to foster an atmosphere of compassion and warmth, as well as an emphasis on openness and education. We want you to know as much as possible if you’re planning a visit for yourself or a loved…

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An Alternative Choice for Your Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast reconstruction options following a partial or double mastectomy have been in the news lately, but a recent study highlights the fact that many women aren’t fully aware of their treatment choices. At EuroMed Foundation, our Arizona cancer treatment center, educating patients about all of their options is something we take very seriously. It’s especially important during Breast Cancer Awareness…

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How You Can Play a Role in Cancer Prevention

Some researchers estimate that more than 4 out of every 10 cases of cancer could be prevented by lifestyle changes, such as not smoking, maintaining a healthy body weight, reducing alcohol consumption, and eating a healthy diet. At our Arizona cancer center, our integrative treatment methods include making these changes to help prevent the disease from recurring. We believe cancer…

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Getting to Know Our Patients

The patients who arrive at our Arizona cancer center often come to us frustrated by conventional medical practices. They aren’t looking for miracles — they’re looking for options. At a time when patients often feel as though they’ve lost control of their lives, EuroMed Foundation doctors provide choices. That can be an enormous boost to a patient’s overall outlook. Besides…

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