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Combating Chronic Fatigue Holistically

Here at EuroMed, we are not only an alternative cancer treatment center; we also provide holistic remedies for other conditions. Chronic fatigue is one of the diseases that our doctors and team can help address. Chronic fatigue can be caused by a number of things that weaken the body. It is a growing issue as more and more people each…

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New Year’s Resolutions for a Preventive Lifestyle

It’s that time of year again. Often people set unrealistic goals for themselves at the start of the new year and end up falling off the wagon fairly quickly. This year, we challenge you to make a change in your lifestyle. We aren’t asking you to follow an impossible diet plan or daunting workout regimen. Instead, we ask that you…

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Gut Bacteria’s Role in Fighting Cancer

Recent findings have shown a link between healthy gut bacteria and the success of immunotherapy. This new cancer treatment is a promising alternative that many people are turning to for help. Unlike traditional cancer-fighting methods, immunotherapy does not indiscriminately attack both healthy and diseased cells. It removes the risk of leaving patients susceptible to recurring cancer or other unrelated health…

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Immunotherapy Gains Traction as Complementary Cancer Treatment

Our alternative cancer treatment protocol is based in part on the idea of using the body’s own immune system to help fight disease. The use of complementary therapies is a fundamental part of our overall approach to cancer treatment. It now appears that immunotherapy is beginning to become a part of more traditional cancer treatment, too. Immunotherapy is a general…

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Choosing Your Cancer Treatment Team

A cancer diagnosis sets in motion a series of events that can sometimes seem overwhelming. Gaining a sense of control is one of the most important steps patients can take, and that often begins with participating in the selection of a cancer treatment team. Whether you opt for traditional or alternative cancer treatment, an array of medical professionals is involved…

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An Alternative Approach to Cancer Treatment

At EuroMed Foundation, our doctors pursue an integrative, alternative approach to cancer treatment. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all treatment, we assess each patient’s needs individually and devise treatment plans that may include alternative cancer treatment options along with complementary therapies. Our holistic approach stems from our belief that simply eradicating cancer cells without regard for the body’s interconnected systems —…

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