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Spice Up Your Life While Fighting Cancer

As more and more people around us are getting diagnosed with cancer, people often feel helpless. However, in our Arizona cancer center, we stress that diet plays a significant role in cancer prevention and treatment. Our alternative cancer therapies address the fact that the body cannot heal if it does not get the nutritional elements it needs. Some of the…

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The Role of Psychosomatic Energetic Therapy in Cancer Treatment

Psychosomatic energetic therapy is based on the concept that overall health is a harmonious interaction between the body, the mind, and our life energy. Each part is dependent on the others to be a truly whole organism. These parts have a symbiotic relationship, so if one part is unwell, it can affect the others. Because of this idea, psychosomatic energetics…

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How Holistic Cancer Treatment Enhances Your Recovery

“The George Protocol incorporates a belief in the holistic nature of the human body and a deep respect for the body’s ability to heal itself when given proper tools.” That statement represents one of the fundamental elements of our approach here at the EuroMed Foundation. We believe that focusing solely on killing cancer cells without regard for the rest of…

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The Role of ABM Mushrooms in Alternative Cancer Treatments

At the core of our work on alternative cancer treatments here at the EuroMed Foundation is the emphasis on strengthening patients’ immune systems while they are undergoing therapy to fight the disease. We offer a wide range of complementary therapies that, when paired with Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), help the immune system to create a “hostile environment” for cancer cells,…

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Introducing Our New E-Book: A Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments

When patients begin the search for alternative cancer therapies, they are often thrown into unknown territory. Research, while crucial, can be cumbersome. With that in mind, we at the EuroMed Foundation wanted to distill the work of our Arizona cancer center into something that’s easy to navigate and simple to understand. The result is our new e-book, which is free to download:…

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How We Fight Chronic Inflammation & Disease

Inflammation is a natural response to attacks on the body’s immune system. It’s why you get a fever when you have the flu. It’s why your finger swells after slamming it in a door. In a healthy body, inflammation helps the immune system, and then recedes. But what happens when the immune system is constantly working because it’s exposed to…

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Research Shows Bright Future for Alternative Cancer Therapies

At EuroMed Foundation, we make it a priority to track promising science in the industry, and there’s been some exciting news over the past several months when it comes to alternative cancer therapies. A pair of clinical trials has shown impressive results for treating leukemia by genetically tweaking patients’ own blood cells. According to a recent article in The Wall…

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Avoiding Cancer ‘Overtreatment’

In recent years, mammography and some other cancer screening tests have come under fire from those who claim the medical industry is prone to cancer “overtreatment.” The result, some say, is that U.S. women who find tiny breast cancers then undergo invasive treatments such as chemotherapy for cancers so insignificant that they probably would never have progressed or threatened the…

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Hitting Cancer’s Sweet Spot With IPT

At EuroMed Foundation, one of the alternative cancer therapies we offer is widely regarded as being among the most effective nontraditional options for treating cancer: insulin potentiation therapy. Called IPT for short, this treatment takes advantage of cancer cells’ affinity for sugar and uses it against them. During IPT, a patient gets a dose of insulin that causes his or…

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