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Using IPT: Sugar Beats Cancer

The link between sugar and cancer is now pretty well-established, although still misunderstood. “Sugar feeds cancer” is a popular saying, but at EuroMed Foundation that phrase is turned on its head through insulin potentiation therapy. With IPT, sugar beats cancer by transporting small doses of cancer-fighting drugs into diseased cells.

IPT has been used for decades. The concept is rather simple, using the cancer cells’ appetite for sugar to the benefit of the patient. The therapy uses insulin to create a mild state of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which in turn makes cancer cells more sensitive and receptive to low doses of chemotherapy.

There are 2 main advantages to using IPT:

  • We can use very small amounts of chemotherapy, which allows us to treat the cancer without compromising a patient’s immune system.
  • Because we use such small doses (approximately 10% of a standard chemotherapy dose), we can safely use multiple drugs in the protocol. These drugs are usually more effective when combined, which would be too toxic if used at full dose in conventional treatment.

IPT, when supported with complementary therapies at EuroMed, can effectively treat cancer without the patient experiencing the often debilitating side effects commonly associated with traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

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