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Real Patient Story: Lisa’s EuroMed Success

Lisa, an alternative cancer treatment patient, shares the story of her success at EuroMed.

Of the numerous types of cancer, breast cancer is one of the most common. In fact, the American Cancer Society estimates that more than 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Luckily, there are a number of options to pursue after receiving a diagnosis, including the alternative cancer treatment we offer here at EuroMed.

To help you better understand what EuroMed has to offer we’ve described the journey of Lisa, a current patient, and the success behind her story of alternative breast cancer treatment. Click here to follow along with the video and learn why Lisa is so eager to share her story.

When Lisa was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, she was told by an oncologist that she may have only a few weeks to live. Since then Lisa has far surpassed this expectation and is living an active lifestyle while receiving treatment.

Lisa came to EuroMed seeking a safe, holistic, and effective program. Our doctors and specialists take a unique approach to treatment, focusing on the type of cancer and the individual needs of each patient. Lisa has been treated using IPT, insulin potentiation therapy or low dose chemotherapy, which is customized to her specific body and lifestyle.

The IPT treatment is administered using insulin, a natural form of sugar that occurs within the body. The insulin treatment uses only 10% of a conventional chemotherapy dose, reducing common side effects such as hair loss, nausea, and fatigue. Additionally, the IPT method does not compromise the patient’s immune system, allowing it to continuously fight off other infections.

When Lisa began treatment, she had a large mass in her breast that measured 6 inches by 6 inches. After only 6 weeks of IPT, the tumor had been reduced to half its original size.

Read more about the IPT treatment here.

In addition to an enjoyable experience with the staff and doctors at EuroMed, Lisa says that she has had no side effects, and only some minor hair shedding. In fact, she has felt so great throughout her treatment that she has had the energy to work out and enjoy restaurants and attractions around Phoenix. She has expressed how grateful she is for EuroMed’s cancer treatment center and the effective methods we have provided.

If you or someone you care about has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, we encourage you to do research to fully understand your options. We also encourage you to contact us online, or call us today at (602) 404-0400 for a free consultation.

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