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Patients Share Stories of Alternative Cancer Treatment’s Success


The courage and perseverance shown by men and women who choose to pursue holistic cancer treatment, including Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), is quite remarkable. In many cases, they find EuroMed on their own after hearing from doctors that they can no longer benefit from traditional cancer treatments.

Our medical team is proud of the role they play in helping patients overcome cancer using IPT, along with other therapies and nutritional changes, to strengthen the immune system and help prevent a recurrence. It’s the patients themselves, though, who take control of their treatments — in a way that often isn’t possible in traditional treatment settings.

That’s why we’ve featured several of the men and women who have personally benefitted from their decision to contact EuroMed on our Patient Success Stories page. Hearing and reading these first-person accounts can be a moving and inspirational experience, especially for people who are looking for alternative cancer treatment therapies.

We’ve also created a YouTube playlist of patient testimonials that we hope can reach even more men and women who’ve been diagnosed with cancer and their families. These stories demonstrate the breadth of EuroMed’s alternative cancer therapies’ effectiveness in treating all types of cancer. Here are a few of the patients we’ve featured:

  • Samantha, a 43-year-old single mom with 2 teenaged sons who was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and put on the highest doses of pain medications before coming to EuroMed. She was weaned off of them completely within 5 weeks.
  • Gary, a 55-year-old clinical psychologist who underwent IPT at EuroMed and discusses the importance of a patient’s mental attitude after being diagnosed with lymphoma.
  • Steve, a 76-year-old man who came to EuroMed after being diagnosed with melanoma. He tells his story 3 years after being diagnosed.
  • Ellen, an ovarian cancer survivor who has been cancer-free for 5 years. You can watch her story below.

These patients, and many others, have undergone IPT, a low-dose chemotherapy treatment that helps them avoid the debilitating side effects caused by traditional chemotherapy. IPT, along with complementary therapies available at EuroMed, focuses on the need to strengthen the body’s immune system to assist in overcoming cancer. This approach is part of what makes EuroMed’s alternative cancer treatment philosophy so uniquely effective.

To learn more about alternative cancer treatments used at EuroMed, we encourage you to download our free, 74-page e-book. It’s an excellent overview of the therapies we offer.

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