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Integrative Care Bridging Alternative & Traditional Treatment Gap

Alternative cancer treatments such as insulin potentiation therapy are gaining more followers, even among medical professionals, as patients push for more control over their cancer treatment. The movement to integrate alternative medicine with complementary therapies has been resisted by traditional medical practitioners in the past, but it is now being seen in a more positive light.

At EuroMed Foundation, we pursue the goals of complementary therapies as part of our overall approach to cancer treatment. Those goals include:

  • Decreased side effects of cancer treatment
  • Improved energy, well-being, and overall quality of health
  • Balancing and supporting the body’s immune system
  • Nourishing the mind and body in the healing process
  • Emphasizing cancer prevention through a healthy lifestyle and nutrition
  • Using natural anti-cancer therapies to help control the disease

This holistic approach to cancer treatment is part of our guiding philosophy at EuroMed, where each patient’s treatment is customized to his or her individual needs. Our view of effective treatment is to avoid the toxic therapies that are the hallmark of traditional cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Instead, we focus on supporting the immune system while using insulin potentiation therapy to target cancer cells with low-dose chemotherapy.

Anyone who is diagnosed with cancer, or who has a loved one who’s been diagnosed, can request a free personal orientation to learn more about our services.

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