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How We Fight Chronic Inflammation & Disease

How We Fight Chronic Inflammation & Disease

Inflammation is a natural response to attacks on the body’s immune system. It’s why you get a fever when you have the flu. It’s why your finger swells after slamming it in a door. In a healthy body, inflammation helps the immune system, and then recedes. But what happens when the immune system is constantly working because it’s exposed to environmental chemicals and irritants? Chronic inflammation, which serves as a catalyst for chronic diseases.

At EuroMed Foundation, our complementary alternative cancer therapies are designed to treat chronic inflammation by helping detoxify and strengthen the body. Diet and inflammatory stimuli present throughout the modern world combine to overwhelm our immune systems and trigger inflammation. Sleep deprivation is another culprit, a link reinforced by studies showing that people who work night shifts are at a greater risk for developing cancer than those working day shifts.

Everything we expose ourselves to — from laundry detergents to processed foods — creates a situation in which the body believes it is under constant attack. That takes its toll. It’s typically a gradual process, but chronic degenerative diseases build up over time. Chronic inflammation is at the root of heart disease and cancer, which is why we at EuroMed focus on reducing and eliminating the sources triggering the inflammatory response through nutritional counseling and other lifestyle changes.

Our complementary therapies represent a significant portion of our holistic treatment method. We design a customized treatment plan based on each person’s needs. Some examples of these therapies include:

  • Myers Cocktail: A blend of vitamins and minerals that’s been used for more than 30 years. The intravenous treatment provides fuel to the immune system, targeting the digestive system where many chronic diseases percolate.
  • Chelation: Detoxifying the body of heavy metals that can damage the immune system and cause cancer themselves. Our bodies are often filled with heavy metals, and we use various chelating agents to eliminate them.
  • Antioxidants: Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) relieves stress on the liver, which is crucial for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Glutathione is another powerful antioxidant that helps the body detoxify itself and absorbs damaging free radicals — molecules that break down cells and injure our DNA.

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