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How IPT Gave a New Mother Hope

Insulin Potentiation Therapy Offered at Arizona Clinic

Imagine being only a couple of months pregnant and learning you have cancer and then having to undergo multiple grueling rounds of chemotherapy starting when you’re only 15 weeks along. That’s the situation a Minnesota woman faced last year. When the chemo didn’t work and her situation looked worse than ever, she turned to an integrative oncology specialist for insulin potentiation therapy (IPT). And then, after months of fruitless treatments the new mom finally had hope.

The woman, only 32, traveled from her Minnesota home to a Nevada clinic to undergo IPT after her daughter’s birth. Doctors had informed her that the breast cancer was Stage 4 and resistant to treatment with chemotherapy. But, as the woman wrote on a blog she started after her diagnosis, she believed her treatment needed to be individualized for her specific case.

“For once,” she wrote after seeing the integrative oncology specialist, “I have a doctor that does what I’ve asked all along — to look at each person’s disease individually because every cancer is unique. It has boggled my mind that we are still using the same 3 chemos for breast cancer for the last 40 years. Everyone gets the same classic cocktail.”

Her comments are echoed by many of the patients we see at our Arizona clinic. That’s why we customize our treatments to meet the specific needs of each patient, including when it comes to IPT, which is administered with insulin and requires only 10% of the regular chemotherapy dose. That means the side effects and the toll chemo can take on a patient’s immune system are almost completely avoided.

IPT works by taking advantage of cancer cells’ nearly insatiable appetite for insulin. When insulin and chemo are administered together, it works like a smart bomb homing in on a specific target, compared with the carpet bombing approach of normal chemotherapy. That’s why IPT is sometimes called low-dose chemotherapy.

Our holistic approach to cancer treatment goes well beyond using IPT. Our doctors assess every patient to determine the best integrative treatment for his or her specific diagnosis. That may include a range of complementary therapies and immunotherapy. After decades of using treatments that severely compromise the patient’s immune system, traditional medicine is now pursuing the concept that strengthening immunity yields much better results.

That’s been the foundation of EuroMed’s treatment philosophy for years. If you want to learn more about our clinic, you can request a free personal orientation.

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