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Homeopathic & Holistic Cancer Treatments: What’s the Difference?

People sometimes confuse homeopathic and holistic cancer treatment. Homeopathic treatment is based on the “like cures like” foundation, while holistic cancer treatment is concerned with boosting the patient’s overall immune system. The 2 types of treatment are actually complementary therapies, and are both part of EuroMed Foundation’s well-rounded approach to cancer treatment.

As more people turn to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) worldwide for cancer treatment, it’s important to understand the role each plays. At EuroMed, we prepare a homeopathic immune modulator for patients based on the type of cancer diagnosed. We’ve found that homeopathic remedies are an effective addition to the overall cancer treatment plan.

A homeopathic remedy is based on these cornerstones:

  • A minuscule amount of something that’s bad for you can be good for you
  • “Like cures like”
  • The body triggers a healing response when given the least amount of medicine

EuroMed’s insulin potentiation therapy is based on these beliefs. IPT is a form of low-dose chemotherapy that uses small amounts of insulin to target cancer cells. Insulin makes cancer cells more receptive to cancer-fighting medicine, allowing the use of lower doses and eliminating the debilitating side effects that accompany traditional chemotherapy.

At the same time, we boost a patient’s immune system with a customized holistic treatment that typically includes a cocktail of beneficial vitamins, improved nutrition, and detoxification to rid the body of harmful elements. By approaching cancer treatment with a holistic approach, we veer away from the concept that the “cure is worse than the disease” that many patients encounter during traditional radiation and chemotherapy.

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