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Hitting Cancer’s Sweet Spot With IPT

Hitting Cancer's Sweet SpotAt EuroMed Foundation, one of the alternative cancer therapies we offer is widely regarded as being among the most effective nontraditional options for treating cancer: insulin potentiation therapy. Called IPT for short, this treatment takes advantage of cancer cells’ affinity for sugar and uses it against them.

During IPT, a patient gets a dose of insulin that causes his or her blood sugar to drop. When this happens, cancer cells that need sugar to survive open up their membranes in a desperate attempt to absorb any sugar they can.

While the cancer cells are vulnerable with their defenses down, we give the patient a low dose of chemotherapy followed immediately by glucose. When the cells consume the sugar, they also take in the poisonous chemotherapy, eventually causing them to die off.

This insulin treatment can be beneficial to cancer patients because it requires a much lower dose of the toxic chemotherapy drugs than traditional treatments, which do not prompt cancer cells to drop their defenses. It brings few of the negative side effects of high-dose chemotherapy, which causes the death of many healthy cells along with the cancer cells.

IPT can be an effective but gentle treatment option for some cancer patients, but it’s always best to consult with a qualified physician for a custom treatment plan. If you or someone you know has cancer and would like to learn more about this innovative approach, please contact us.

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