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The George Protocol: A Crucial Cancer Treatment Tool

by Helen Watt

Holistic cancer treatment is grounded in the belief that the body can heal itself when provided an array of tools for support. At EuroMed Foundation, that belief is embedded in the George Protocol, an effective alternative cancer treatment that combines insulin potentiation therapy with a powerful homeopathic immune modulator specific to your cancer. We have found this specific homeopathic remedy to be an effective addition to our armamentarium for treating cancer. In addition, we provide complementary therapies designed to boost your immune system and overall health.

The George Protocol was developed by Dr. Frank George, EuroMed’s founder and medical director emeritus, an osteopathic physician whose career had been dedicated to integrative cancer treatment. Dr. George began shaping the protocol that bears his name when he started actively pursuing treatments to safely and effectively treat cancer. Through his use of insulin during his training and from his travels outside the U.S., he studied insulin potentiation therapy in conjunction with specific hormone modulators that ultimately formed the foundation of the George Protocol.

Dr. George discovered that IPT was a part of a larger formula in his approach to cancer treatment. Ultimately, he concluded that detoxification and bolstering the immune system was vital to the successful treatment of cancer. The protocol also includes a menu of complementary therapies that round out the holistic treatment approach.

The goals of using complementary therapies are:

  • Targeting cancer cells aggressively but safely
  • Supporting your immune system and detoxification abilities while undergoing IPT
  • Creating an internal terrain that’s hostile to cancer cells while stimulating your immune system to recognize the cancer

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