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5 Ancillary Cancer Treatments for a Holistic Plan

ancillary cancer treatments

Insulin Potentiation Therapy, or IPT, is a main method of cancer treatment offered at our holistic cancer treatment center. This treatment is also known as low-dose chemotherapy, and is an alternative cancer treatment that focuses on insulin, which is naturally produced by the body. Because our approach to cancer treatment focuses not just on the cancer cells, but on the mind, body, and spirit of the patient, we also offer ancillary methods of treatment.

Here are some of the ancillary treatments we offer at our Arizona cancer center that help the body fight disease. Click here to watch a video titled Ancillary Treatments and follow along with Dr. Helen Watt.

1. Ozone Sauna: This treatment offers multiple benefits to patients through a combination of heat and oxygen. The heat and moisture provided by the ozone steam sauna allows oxygen to enter areas of the body where it usually cannot. The sauna acts as a catalyst for the body to begin dumping toxic waste, after which the patient’s body begins to eliminate toxins naturally. Due to the heat from the sauna, different patients prefer different lengths of time in the sauna, and so we offer customized treatments to meet the needs and preferences of every patient. To read more about this treatment, click here.

2. Ionic Foot Bath: The purpose of the ionated foot bath is to draw impurities out of the body through the feet. It also balances the internal pH of the patient to provide their immune system with the purity and balance it needs to fight cancer and other disease as swiftly as possible.

3. Reiki Therapy: This ancient Japanese technique is commonly used for stress reduction and relaxation. Our trained therapists perform the practice by transferring powerful life-force energy into the body of the patient that supports their mind, body, and soul. It can help boost the circulatory system and supports our holistic approach to cancer treatment.

4. Vibrational Therapy: Vibrational therapy improves the lymphatic system, as well as the body and mind, by restoring balance. Because everything around us, including the cancer cells in our body, emit a vibrational energy, similar energy can be used to treat and restore disrupted balance. Healthy cells have a high vibrational energy, while cancer cells emit a low energy. These low energy cells cause blockages and slow down the productivity of the healthy cells. Healthy cells and systems inside patients may be rejuvenated and restored by raising vibrational frequencies and invigorating the cells.

5. Exercise Therapy with Oxygen: This therapy encourages patients to move their entire bodies, increasing blood flow and improving circulation. As they move, they will be equipped with an oxygen supply. The increased oxygen not only adds oxygen to the blood, but provides patients with a boost of energy and strength as they complete the therapy routine. This added oxygen supports the effectiveness of IPT and other cancer treatment therapies.

Each of these unique ancillary cancer treatment methods support IPT. Throughout your cancer treatment plan, it is important to take care of all parts of your body by providing your internal system with the power it needs to prevent and treat disease and cancer. Our team of doctors and specialists at EuroMed will help you determine which combination of therapies will be the most beneficial to your circumstances. If you have further questions please leave a comment below or contact us online or by phone at (602) 404-0400.

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