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Don’t Be Sweet to Cancer Cells

IPT Arizona

Patients at our Arizona cancer center are treated with a protocol that’s unlike anything available in conventional medicine. That’s because we understand the key relationship between cancer cells and sugar and use their built-in sensitivity to attack cancer cells exactly where it matters most.

Cancer cells rely on glucose, or sugar, to stay alive and multiply, which is exactly what we don’t want to happen when we’re treating them. That’s where insulin potentiation therapy, or IPT, comes in. IPT is a cornerstone of our cancer-fighting arsenal, and it takes advantage of cancer’s weakness for glucose to hit it where it hurts – effectively treating some forms of cancer with lower doses of chemotherapy than are used in conventional medicine.

Before an IPT treatment, patients are instructed to fast for about 12 hours before their appointment. This allows the body to metabolize any lingering glucose prior to treatment. We first administer insulin intravenously to further lower blood glucose. Once blood glucose reaches a sufficiently low level, we administer chemotherapy drugs followed immediately by glucose. The hungry cancer cells open themselves to the glucose and end up absorbing as much chemotherapy as possible. Think of it as a sweet-tasting Trojan horse.

Although IPT is a clinical treatment, patients can follow its basic principles at home, too. By avoiding foods that contain sugar, white flour, and other types of carbohydrates, patients can do their part to “starve” cancer cells and make them more receptive to chemotherapy when a treatment day rolls around.

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