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Choosing Your Cancer Treatment Team

A cancer diagnosis sets in motion a series of events that can sometimes seem overwhelming. Gaining a sense of control is one of the most important steps patients can take, and that often begins with participating in the selection of a cancer treatment team. Whether you opt for traditional or alternative cancer treatment, an array of medical professionals is involved during the course of your therapy.

Alternative cancer treatment at EuroMed Foundation emphasizes a team approach, which is part of the holistic nature of our therapy. We practice as a group — a cohesive unit — so that our patients receive the benefit of our combined knowledge and experience. Each member of the unit plays a significant role in the patient’s treatment.

Patients at EuroMed play an active part in the decision-making about their treatment. Our innovative solutions that include The George Protocol alternative cancer treatment, named for the foundation’s founder, Dr. Frank George, which combines insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) with a homeopathic immune modulator that’s specific to a patient’s cancer. The team that carries out treatment at EuroMed includes several highly qualified doctors with diverse backgrounds.

Traditional cancer treatment often focuses only on the disease, without taking into account a patient’s overall health. We customize treatment to meet the specific needs of each patient, using the unique talents of each of our team members.

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  • Helen Watt says:

    Hi John, thank you for posting.

    We advise an initial 4 week intense treatment phase to drive the cancer back and understand your particular rate of response. Your rate of response then determines the frequency of ongoing treatment. The initial intense phase consists of IPT treatments along with various IV’s and therapies targeted to arrest your particular cancer. We concentrate on 1) Knocking down the population of cancer cells with IPT, which relieves much of the burden on immune function 2) Strengthening core immune function through various IV’s and therapies and 3) Changing your chemistry through diet and supplements (if needed), to make your chemical environment inhospitable for the cancer to progress.

    We will need the following to access your case:

    * Your biopsy report (pathology report)
    * Your most recent scan report
    * Your most recent blood work
    * A written summary by you describing what treatments/surgeries you have received and what you have been doing at home, this can be a one page outline.

    We will review your record and provide some specifics as to what we feel is your best way forward. Please contact us for further details, (602) 404 0400

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