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An Alternative Approach to Cancer Treatment

At EuroMed Foundation, our doctors pursue an integrative, alternative approach to cancer treatment. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all treatment, we assess each patient’s needs individually and devise treatment plans that may include alternative cancer treatment options along with complementary therapies.
Our holistic approach stems from our belief that simply eradicating cancer cells without regard for the body’s interconnected systems — especially the immune system — isn’t a beneficial treatment plan. Alternative cancer treatments, such as insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), can successfully treat the disease without adding toxicity to the body when combined with other therapies that enhance the immune system and overall health.

So what are some of the alternative treatment options we offer? Here are a few:

  • IPT: Also called low-dose chemotherapy, IPT uses insulin to enhance the effectiveness of lower doses of chemotherapy than is used in mainstream cancer treatment.
  • The George Protocol: This is a treatment approach that identifies good nutrition, support for the immune system using homeopathic immune modulator specific to your cancer, detoxification, and other complementary therapies as critical to the overall treatment plan.
  • Hyperthermia: Widely recognized throughout the world as an effective cancer therapy, the use of infrared heat is thought of in the U.S. as an alternative cancer therapy.
  • Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy: Ozone is pumped into a sauna or tent chamber that is designed to envelope your body while your head remains in the open air to prevent inhaling ozone at unsafe levels. The therapeutic use of ozone helps an overall detoxification protocol.
  • IV Therapies: Intravenous high dose Vitamin C, Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamins, Minerals, etc. are used to enhance and support immune function.

2 Responses to An Alternative Approach to Cancer Treatment

  • Theodora Dimitrova says:

    Can you please explain the difference between the chemo you use and the type given by regular oncologists?

    Thank you.

    • EuroMed Foundation says:

      Hi Theodora,

      Thank you for your question. Although the chemotherapy drugs we use in Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT) are often the same as those used by mainstream Oncology there are some key differences. We reduce the dose by approximately 90% and therefore avoid much of the toxicity and immune suppression that occurs with higher doses. This allows us to use these drugs, but not at the expense of immune function. In addition, because we use small doses we are able to combine more drugs together that would otherwise be too toxic at conventional doses. When combining drugs we often see synergy between the drugs so that the effect is greater than using the drugs individually, which often is the biggest advantage of IPT. The net effect is a reduction in cancer cell population which relieves much of the burden on the immune system.

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