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Our 5 Best Tips to Prevent Cancer

Our 5 Best Tips to Prevent Cancer

At EuroMed Foundation, one major thing we promote as part of our holistic approach to cancer treatment is following a lifestyle that focuses on prevention. Even though nothing can guarantee someone won’t get cancer, extensive research links certain behaviors to an increased risk of developing some forms of the disease.

Despite these proven links, it can be difficult for people to make the recommended changes. For example, a survey of cancer survivors conducted earlier this year found that 1 in 10 still smoke nearly a pack a day. Even after surviving cancer, people still struggle to follow cancer prevention strategies. One of our goals at EuroMed is to not only treat cancer, but prevent its recurrence by helping our patients understand the relationship between their lifestyles, the environment, and the risk of getting cancer.

We start with the 5 best tips for cancer prevention:

1. Don’t smoke.

2. Exercise.

3. Eat a healthy diet.

4. Maintain a healthy weight.

5. Get regular medical checks.

The most common causes of preventable cancer are generally well known — smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, obesity, lack of exercise, and exposure to toxic chemicals. But it’s difficult to translate that knowledge into action for many people. That’s why we’ve listed some great books and websites on our Links and Resources page to help individuals get started on making these changes. We encourage you to do your own research with the help of these resources, and we invite you to come in and meet with us for advice that’s customized to your lifestyle.

2 Responses to Our 5 Best Tips to Prevent Cancer

  • Thomas Higgins says:

    I have submitted the orientation request. I have a friend from from our church in Durango, CO, Kristen Dugan, who is currently undergoing cancer care at Euro-Med, and has been very pleased and encouaged by the results.
    I am a very healthy 73 yr old caucasian male who really has none of the risk factors for prostate cancer, and I certainly follow your 5 point plan for cancer prevention, and have for most of my life. Yet for the past 10 years my PSA has been creeping slowly upward. Often it would drop a point or so, but then continue to climb. My last PSA exam , done on 12/23/14, gave a PSA level of 9.19 , up from 8.76 on 9/29/14.
    I get regular check ups, but all urologists I have seen want to do a biopsy to check for cancer. We have done extensive study in the alternative methods of medicine (my wife is a retired nurse), and have found that many naturopathic doctors think that a biopsy is very invasive, can have some serious side effects including agravating the cancer (possible spread) if it exists,and can even miss cancer cells that may be present.This all makes sense to me, so I have resisted the biopsy to date.
    Do you have a method of diagnosing prostate cancer with out a biopsy? I have read about a new ultrasound test that is supposed to be more accuate than a biopsy. Do you offer your alternative cancer treatment for prostate cancer if we find I need it? I would be interested in coming to Euro-Med for such a test if offered.
    I am currently on a no sugar, organic paleo type diet and plan to have another PSA test mid Feb to see if the level has come down.
    Thanks for your attention ot my questions. I can call and visit w/ one of your doctors if you think that would be advisable.
    Tom Higgins

  • Helen Watt says:

    Hi Mr. Higgins,

    Obtaining a biopsy is very important, as it determines the type of treatment that will be effective. If performed by needle biopsy with ultrasound guidance it is safe and effective. Because a needle biopsy involves very little trauma, it produces little resulting inflammation. For this reason it’s unlikely to cause a significant problem with regards to aggravating or activating the growth of the cancer.

    To evaluate your case, we would need the following records:

    1. Your biopsy report
    2. Your most recent scan report(s)
    3. Your most recent blood work, to include your PSA
    4. A timeline from you, or outline, starting from the date of diagnosis or when the problem started, to present. Give us what treatments you have received and what you have been doing with regards to diet and home remedies.

    You can fax these records (preferably in one batch) to 602 404 0403. We will review and call you back, typically within one day of receiving them. We do not charge for record review. Please provide a phone number where you can be reached.

    It would be best to continue this discussion privately.

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