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What Role Do Antioxidants Play in Cancer Prevention?


Many of the efforts at the EuroMed Foundation are devoted to providing effective holistic cancer treatment options. We are also dedicated to cancer prevention, and educating patients about nutrition, environmental pollution, and other factors that can create conditions ripe for cancer cells is an important part of our mission.

Our specialists travel globally to learn from researchers whose expertise in both the prevention and treatment of cancer is creating real progress. Incorporating this information into our holistic treatment plans can help our patients avoid a recurrence of their cancer.

One of the most important issues to understand regarding cancer prevention is the interplay between antioxidants and free radicals. Free radicals are chemicals that pose a threat in high concentrations. They’re created when an atom or molecule either gains or loses an electron. They aren’t inherently a problem, but in clusters they can create damage to cells and are thought to be involved in cancer development.

This brings us back to antioxidants, which are also called “free radical scavengers.” When free radical molecules concentrate in living tissue, they typically contain oxygen. Antioxidants actually get their name because of their ability to neutralize these free radicals. This is important because studies have shown that external antioxidants can prevent cell damage caused by free radical molecules. Antioxidants can either be produced naturally by the body (called endogenous antioxidants) or contained in certain foods. Our bodies rely on these external (exogenous) sources to remain healthy. Some of the most common dietary sources of antioxidants include beta-carotene, lycopene, and vitamins A, C, and E.

So, which foods contain antioxidants? As you might expect, fruits and vegetables are excellent sources, along with whole grains. If you’re not sure about which specific fruits or vegetables are best, eat colorfully. Naturally bright, vibrant colors in fruits and vegetables emerge when a food is rich in antioxidants.

As mentioned earlier, nutritional education is part of our holistic approach to cancer treatment, along with strengthening the body’s immune system. When it’s time for treatment, Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), which is low-dose chemotherapy that specifically targets cancer cells without the debilitating side effects linked to traditional chemotherapy, may be the next step.

You can learn more about alternative cancer treatments by downloading our free e-book using the link on the side bar.

One Response to What Role Do Antioxidants Play in Cancer Prevention?

  • Wilma Nevans says:

    I am interested in having a good immune system as I think if you don’t have you will get cancer or other bad illness.

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