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What Does Holistic Cancer Treatment Mean?

Holistic health care means different things to different people. At EuroMed, holistic cancer treatment encompasses both alternative treatments and complementary therapies, along with a commitment to treat the whole person and not simply manage the disease.

Traditional cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, is focused on killing cancer cells. Unfortunately, these treatments compromise a patient’s immune system at a time when it is already weakened. Our integrative cancer treatment kills cancer cells with low-dose insulin potentiated therapy while supporting the body’s ability to heal itself. We just don’t think it makes sense to use a treatment that further damages the immune system.

Instead, we blend the best of both worlds. By using low-dose chemotherapy during IPT, cancer cells are targeted without using a level that’s toxic to the body’s healthy cells. At the same time, our patients receive complementary therapies to boost the immune system and are counseled about nutrition and environmental factors that are linked to a lower risk of developing cancer in the future.

Many of the basic tenets of holistic cancer treatment are being adopted by medical professionals in traditional practices. Expect that trend to continue.

2 Responses to What Does Holistic Cancer Treatment Mean?

  • Helen Watt says:

    Hi Francine,

    Thank you for your post.

    We are an “outcomes” based clinic, meaning our selection of drugs is influenced by our outcomes for the type of cancers we treat, and the outcomes from other similar clinics and treatment regimens. Most of the chemo drugs we use are the same as whats used in conventional Oncology. They are based on clinical trials with proven efficacy. The difference is that we use only 10% of the dosage to avoid toxicity and side effects, and in combinations that are more effective in our experience.

    In addition, we often obtain chemo sensitivity testing for a particular patient, which tests what specific chemo drugs are most efficacious at destroying their cancer. The results usually confirm the drugs that are already included in their protocol.

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