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alternative cancer treatment centerAt EuroMed Foundation, we think it’s important for our patients to stay informed. Our alternative cancer treatment center provides cancer treatment by using integrative and alternative methods from around the world.

Our techniques are not as well-known as traditional cancer treatments, and so we relish every opportunity to spread the word and educate those who may benefit. Here are some of the things visitors can expect to see on our blog in the future:

  • Cancer treatment developments: Ongoing research means that there are often new strategies and therapies being developed around the world that we want to share. Our goal is to treat a variety of cancers while reducing the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy and promoting long-term remission rates. Patients can check back often here to learn about new developments on this front.
  • Information about wellness treatments: Another part of our practice is simply increasing overall health and wellness with treatments for nutrition, fatigue, chronic disease, and other conditions as they relate to cancer.   Patients can check here regularly for updates about emerging therapies.
  • Practice news: When we have special events, staff changes, or new treatment options, we’ll let our patients know here.
  • Advice from professionals: We hope that our blog will be a great resource for people who are dealing with cancer in themselves or doing research for a loved one. Whether patients are interested in alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy, pursuing non-traditional forms of therapy, or increasing overall wellness, EuroMed Foundation can help. Our medical team will post advice and candid comments here that can make these choices easier.

In addition to all this information, this blog will be a place where our readers can leave us questions and comments. We want to use this resource to connect with our patients — we invite you to join us!

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