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New Year’s Resolutions for a Preventive Lifestyle

Euromed Foundation - New Year's Resolution Blog

It’s that time of year again. Often people set unrealistic goals for themselves at the start of the new year and end up falling off the wagon fairly quickly. This year, we challenge you to make a change in your lifestyle. We aren’t asking you to follow an impossible diet plan or daunting workout regimen. Instead, we ask that you make small changes that, when added together, can make a big difference in your life.

These changes will not only help you to feel your best, but are also considered holistic cancer treatments:

  • Giving your body the nutrients it needs: Superfoods are important for overall health. Try to incorporate dark green veggies into your diet. These vegetables can be great side dishes and healthy additions to salads. If you dislike the taste of vegetables such as spinach and kale, blend them up into a smoothie. Another way to sneak them into your food is with a food processer. Add them to mashed potatoes, rice, and quinoa for a healthy twist on dishes you already love. Make another important dietary change by snacking on nuts instead of chips, or replacing processed foods with real, whole, organic foods.
  • Scheduling your screenings: By scheduling regular mammograms, colonoscopies, pap smears, and body checks for skin cancer, you will be able to catch cancer as early as possible, which will make it easier to fight.
  • Using sunscreen every day: Although people with darker skin are not as high-risk as those with light skin, anyone can develop skin cancer, so it is important for everyone to wear sunscreen daily. Even if it is overcast outside, the sun’s rays can still penetrate the cloud coverage. It is important to use sunscreen on every part of your body that is exposed to the sun, especially your face and chest.
  • Exercising daily: Getting to the gym daily may not be the most realistic goal. However, doing at least a little bit of activity every day is necessary for not just cancer prevention, but all aspects of health. Walking around the neighborhood during your lunch break and taking the stairs instead of the elevator can be small changes to help reduce stress, weight, and other cancer-related risks.
  • Reducing alcohol intake: Moderate alcohol intake has possible health benefits, but excessive use can cause problems, and even cancer. Drink water between alcoholic beverages, cut down on drinking during the week, keep track of how much you drink, and set goals for yourself.
  • Quit smoking: Of course, this is easier said than done. If you are a smoker, start out by trying to cut back slowly. Every time you say no to one cigarette, you can immensely reduce your risk of contracting lung cancer. Have a good support system of family and friends to help you during this challenging time.

Every healthy choice you make can have an impact on your life. Making small changes everyday is a manageable way to help prevent cancer and other health issues. This upcoming year is a great time to begin this journey. If you want to learn more, visit our cancer prevention page for other ideas on how to kick off the new year in the healthiest way possible.

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