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Gut Bacteria’s Role in Fighting Cancer

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Recent findings have shown a link between healthy gut bacteria and the success of immunotherapy. This new cancer treatment is a promising alternative that many people are turning to for help. Unlike traditional cancer-fighting methods, immunotherapy does not indiscriminately attack both healthy and diseased cells. It removes the risk of leaving patients susceptible to recurring cancer or other unrelated health issues.

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a general term that is used to refer to a variety of treatments. These treatments can boost the body’s immune system or train the immune system to fight cancer cells specifically. At EuroMed Foundation, we promote the use of homeopathic immune modulators to treat cancer. Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is a form of low-dose chemotherapy that uses insulin to target cancer cells. When combined with non-chemo agents—such as good nutrition, immune system support, and detoxification—it can push back against cancer cells.

New Findings

Scientists have been trying to figure out why some patients respond well to immunotherapy drugs, while others do not. Finally, after intense study, they have discovered that the distinguishing factor between experimental subjects being observed is the existence of certain gut bacteria.

These gut-dwelling bacteria train immune cells to fight off cancer cells before immunotherapies are needed or introduced. The good bacteria help prime T cells, which are a type of white blood cell that is very important to the immune system. These cells protect the body from infection and may help to combat cancer.

Microbiome is a term for the microorganisms in a particular environment, like the gut. Recent studies have shown that it is not terribly difficult to change your microbiome, so this discovery can create immense opportunities. You can manipulate your microbiome through diet changes, avoiding antibiotics, taking probiotics, or undergoing a fecal transplant. Therefore, if cancer patients can manipulate the microorganisms in their gut to match these certain bacteria that help support the results of immunotherapy, this treatment will have more widespread success.

Substantiating findings were duplicated in lab mice. Scientists around the world are exploring the connection between the microbiome and cancer treatment. This research is a big win in the fight against cancer and further proves the benefits of immunotherapy.


EuroMed supports and promotes a healthy, preventive lifestyle above all else.  While there are still questions unanswered from this study, the existing results align with EuroMed’s philosophy and program. If you have more questions about this study, immunotherapy, or alternative cancer treatments in general, request a free personal orientation online. One of our doctors will be happy to answer your basic questions in person or over the phone. You can also refer to our treatment methods page for more in-depth information on holistic medicine and lifestyle.

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