Alternative Cancer Treatment

The doctors at the EuroMed Foundation provide alternative cancer treatment that seeks out cancer cells and kills them, while rebuilding your body's best defense against the return of cancer – your own immune system.

Every human body is different, and each person's response to cancer and to treatment is different. Whereas conventional cancer treatments tend to take a one-size-fits-all approach, the doctors at our Arizona cancer center customize our alternative cancer treatments to fit your personal needs. We test each patient for what will work best for them – which drugs will work best, and which complementary therapies will work best. There is no point in spending your money on something your body can tell us isn't effective for you.

To find out more about our unique approach to treating cancer, request your free personal orientation online. One of our doctors will be happy to answer all of your questions in person or over the phone.

The EuroMed Foundation is Unique

Dr. Frank George was one of the pioneers in the use of insulin to potentiate – to enhance the effectiveness – of another substance. When treating cancer patients, we use insulin to "potentiate" a low dose of chemotherapy, to make a much smaller dosage much more effective.

In our opinion, it is not enough to merely administer IPT – insulin potentiation therapy. Some practitioners work just with IPT, but we feel that this singular approach falls short. Years of practice with holistic cancer treatment alternatives have clearly demonstrated to us that concurrent use of non-chemo therapeutic agents bring success in killing cancer without adding toxicity to the body.

We also feel it is extremely important to support the liver during treatment because the liver is the primary detoxifying organ of the body. Conventional cancer treatments are very hard on the liver. Some of our alternative cancer treatment patients have told us that the medical techs who performed their PET scans were amazed to see no evidence of liver damage after any kind of chemotherapy.

We also feel it is extremely important to strengthen the immune system. We do that with a number of complementary therapies, including anti-oxidants and highly effective homeopathic remedies originally developed by Dr. George. It is our goal to send you home with a stronger immune system than what you had when we first saw you.

For some people, the path to a stronger immune system may involve chelation to remove heavy metals from tissues and bones. Various cancers are thought to be related to toxicity from heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and cadmium. Heavy metals can poison the immune system so it doesn't work effectively, and they can act as carcinogens themselves by inducing cells to become cancerous in nature. Our team is accomplished in the use of EDTA, DMPS, and DMSA for heavy metal toxicity.

At our Arizona cancer center, we educate our patients about nutrition and environmental pollution so they can better understand what creates a breeding ground for cancer. We empower our patients to remain cancer-free.

We have traveled worldwide to study alongside those who are making real advancements in the treatment of cancer. We have established relationships with others – Dr. Rigdon Lentz in Germany, for example – to whom we can refer patients who need treatments only available outside the United States.

Safe and Effective

A growing number of people are choosing alternative medicine cancer treatment because of the results achieved through these treatments. People travel to the EuroMed Foundation from all over the world – feel free to visit us or call to talk with us before getting started. Our approaches may be new to you; take your time to ask us about whatever is on your mind. If you will be traveling from out of town, talk to us about travel support for your transportation and lodging options. You can also learn more about our alternative cancer treatments on our FAQ page.

Selecting a course of action is an important decision for you, one you need not make lightly. Feel free to learn more before making that commitment by requesting your free personal orientation to our cancer treatment protocols. Or you can call our office at 602-404-0400 to schedule your orientation.

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